DJ Predator


Amsterdam born and raised DJ Predator, a.k.a. Stephan Scheltema, had to deal with a creative mind all his life. Lost in graffiti art during his childhood, he became intrigued by early Rap music, Breakbeats, Reggae and Electro. The purchase of a Commodore Amiga in 1991, provided him with the means to experiment with beats and breaks himself. Influenced by his love for music and driven by the the rage of a young boy, he established his first release on vinyl in 1992. Over a period of six years, he managed to release more than sixty tracks, most of them on labels such as Mokum, Ruffneck, Ruff EX, Cenobite and H2Oh. With the growth of the dance scene in general, Predator's star was rising, providing him with more equipment and possibilities.

Living his dream of expressing his musical thoughts on recordings and spending all his time and money and on his studio. Hit releases like Jiiieehaaaa, Pump The Vibe and Mind Of A Lunatic brought him recognition from around the globe, resulting in live performances and DJ bookings worldwide, from Canada to Australia, from Russia to the United States, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, the U.K. and more.

Slowly but surely maturing his natural love for Hiphop and Breaks, these musical styles started to sneak into his productions. Although still using a steady beat, he more and more found himself applying sophisticated drum patterns to his tracks, giving them more funk and more speed. In 1998, longing for a new creative challenge, he wanted to present his dark, claustrophobic atmospheres to the Drum n Bass scene. The shift immediately proved to be a success. As Dutch imprints A New Dawn and Acetate Recordings were securing Predator's singles, U.K. labels such as 5HQ / Formation and Renegade Hardware were quickly snatching up pairs of their own. In 2001, he joined one of the most prestigious Dutch crews named Bassground and was voted best Dutch Drum n Bass producer in 2002. In 2005 He joined the Most Wanted DJ Agency and focussed more on Hardcore music, joining the mighty Masters of Hardcore label and combining Drum and Bass and Hardcore resulted in a very unique track called The Switch (feat. Angerfist) Tracks like Demon Pit, Addicted 2 Violence (feat. Hellsystem) and Legend (feat. Angerfist) showed once again why Predator is one of the pioneers of the Hardcore scene.

While developing new Hardcore and Drum n Bass tracks, Predator has his sights set on the future, so be on the look out as he is determined to come correct across the board.

DJ Predator has produced music under the following aliases: Diss Reaction, Bio-Forge, Cyanide, DNME, Nitrogen, Vanugenth The 5th, Zerox, Bionic Commanders, Dark Syndicate, Nexus, Aux 9, Da Grimreaper, Paradox, Soul Assassin, Virus, Atomic Jam



Below is an overview of the tracks DJ Predator has released:

Alias Track
Predator Mind of A Lunatic
Predator We’re Coming Down
Predator 1,2,3,4
Predator I Won’t Die
Predator Strongest Gang
Predator Da Only Ones Left
Predator I’m Trippin’ (Lost In Memories)
Predator Filled With Power
Predator Dubplate Style
Predator Now ‘Ear Diz
Predator Art Attack
Predator Just Real-X
Predator 20.000 Hardcore Members
Predator Elementz Of Danger
Predator Wild Stylz
Predator Final Confrontation
Predator Da Way We Rock
Predator Out of Control
Predator Syphon
Predator Nothing Left
Predator Dubwise
Predator Close Range
Predator Human Blood
Predator Knuckleheadz
Predator Electric D-Mention
Predator Silent Thoughts
Predator Demon Pit
Predator Unified Destination
Predator (feat. Adi-J) Dry Tears
Predator (feat. Angerfist & Mad Dog) Don’t Fuck Around
Predator (feat. Angerfist) The Switch
Predator (feat. Angerfist) Silent Notes
Predator (feat. Angerfist) Legend
Predator (feat. Angerfist) The Milition
Predator (feat. Angerfist) Mindscape
Predator (feat. Angerfist) 187
Predator (feat. Art of Fighters) Hellfire
Predator (feat. Art of Fighters) The Experiment
Predator (feat. Catscan) Fire & Ice
Predator (feat. Catscan) Repartition
Predator (feat. Catscan) Sonic Arrays
Predator (feat. Catscan) Liberate
Predator (feat. Catscan) Original
Predator (feat. Catscan) Down With The Real
Predator (feat. Deadly Guns) The Surge
Predator (feat. Dirty Bastards) Strictly Hardcore
Predator (feat. Dyprax) Blood Cycle
Predator (feat. Falcon) Shadow Depth
Predator (feat. Hellsystem) 2012
Predator (feat. Hellsystem) Addicted 2 Violence
Predator (feat. Hellsystem) Eyes of the Demon
Predator (feat. Hellsystem) Subconscious
Predator (feat. Hellsystem) Choose Your Fight
Predator (feat. Hellsystem) Eternal Night
Predator (feat. Lowroller) Deathmatch
Predator (feat. Lowroller) Lunacy
Predator (feat. Noizeskill) Next Level
Predator (feat. Outblast & MC Ruffian) The Hunt
Predator (feat. Re-Style) Lost Kingdom
Predator (feat. Re-Style) Lockdown
Predator (feat. Triax) Forgery
Predator (feat. Triax) Diminish
Predator (feat. Triax) The Enemy List
Predator (feat. Triax) Savage
Predator (feat. Warface) Meltdown
Predator (feat. Koozah) Crowd War
Predator (feat. Koozah) R4G3
Predator (feat. Catscan) Worlds End
Predator (feat. Art of Fighters & Rob Gee) Shrapnel
Predator & Hellsystem Addicted to 2012
DNME Existenz (Meltdown Remix)
Predator (feat. Wedlock) Roots and Culture
Predator (feat. Wedlock) Pump The Vibe
Predator (feat. Wedlock) Jungle Place
Predator (feat. Wedlock) In My Head
Predator [feat. Wedlock) Get on Down
Diss Reaction You Suck
Diss Reaction We’ve Got Enough
Diss Reaction Real Good Groove
Diss Reaction DJ Lan
Diss Reaction Jiiieeehhaaa
Diss Reaction Rock Dizz
Bio-Forge We Know Your Fear
Bio-Forge Turbulence
Bio-Forge No 1 S-Capes Us
Bio-Forge Pain or Pleasure
Bio-Forge Centron
Bio-Forge Nightwatch
Bio-Forge Nowhere 2 Run
Bionic Commanders Bust A New Jam
Bionic Commanders Cyndrum
Bionic Commanders Cyndrum (Strength Of Steel Remix)
Cyanide New Gun
Cyanide String-X
Cyanide Relatic
Cyanide My World
Cyanide Dreamland
Cyanide Feeling
Cyanide I’m Gonna Get You
Cyanide Dark Knight
Cyanide Edge of Panic
Cyanide Stringz
Cyanide Heartbreak
Cyanide Class-X
Atomic Jam I Want Your Lovin
Atomic Jam Deep Inside
Atomic Jam Man and Machines
Atomic Jam The Question
Aux 9 Probe
Bionic Commanders Adrenaline
Chosen Few Gabberdam
Da Grimreaper Muthafuckaz
Da Grimreaper We Control Da Sound
Da Grimreaper (feat. Delirium) Dance All About
Da Grimreaper (feat. Delirium) Speakerblower
Da Grimreaper (feat. Delirium) Da Gangsta Sound
Dark Syndicate The Unknown
Dark Syndicate Straight Up Artcore
Dark Syndicate Escape From Reality
DNME Existenz
DNME Blaze It Up
DNME feat. State of Mind & Nymfo Keep It Simple
Nexus Kosmik
Nitrogen Bad Bwoy
Nitrogen Words of God
Nitrogen Da 1st Power
Paradox My DJ… Cutz
Paradox The Guillotine
Paradox What is Wisdom
Paradox Ruffa
Vanugenth The 5th Pussycat
Vanugenth The 5th Here We Go Again
Vanugenth The 5th Wonderful Music
Zerox Pumpin’
Soul Assassin Final Confrontation
Soul Assassin Out of Control
Soul Assassin Da Way We Rock
Soul Assassin Turbulence
Predator feat DJ Gomes Theft
Ravage Avulsion
Ravage Rise
Ravage feat. Dapper & MC Vin-E Rampage
Ravage feat. Dapper & MC Vin-E Rampage (Nighttro Remix)
Remixes & Refixes
Human Resource Dominator (Predator & Raiden Remix)
Angerfist Stainless Steel (Predator Remix)
Deformer Repossessor (Predator Remix)
DJ Fresh Gold Dust (Predator & Re-Style Refix)
Chosen Few Name of the DJ (Cyanide remix)
Flamman & Abraxas Sarin (Bionic Commanders Remix)
Yellow Claw Krokobil (Ravage Remix)